Brian always had a pleasant word. We always got on like a house on fire. He had a good old sense of humour, I remember laughing and giggling a lot with him. And we would play jokes on him. I remember being in Hyde Park, coming back from John’s house in his big chauffeur driven Rolls Royce. John had a microphone he could use with the speakers mounted underneath the car. We were driving through the park, and ahead of us was Brian’s Austin Princess. Everyone used to go around in these big Austin Princesses then, it was a sign you were a pop star. You automatically got one of those. We could see his big floppy hat and blond hair and we could see him nervously smoking a ciggy in the back of the car. So John got on the mike and said, ‘Pull over now! Brian Jones! You are under arrest! Pull over now!’ Brian jumped up. ‘Fucking hell!’ He really thought he had been busted. He was shitting himself! Then he saw it was us. And we were going, ‘Yi, yi, yi. Fuck off!’ giving V-signs out of the car window. So it would be that kind of humour most of the time, really, although you’d sometimes get a chance to quietly talk about music. Brian was a nervous sort of guy, very shy, quite serious, and I think maybe into drugs a little more than he should have been because he used to shake a little bit. He was lovely, though.
Paul McCartney, on the recording of ‘You Know My Name, Look Up The Number’ (via brianjonesbones)